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Umbratek UTRA Series

With 5 robotic models, the Umbratek UTRA series is the world's most powerful and most affordable modular robot on the market today!


Flexible Modular Customization

With quick release modular structures that are easy to maintain, the UTRA series Payload, Reach, and Degrees of Freedom can be configured to meet your needs.

Compact and Powerful

Incredible weight to payload ratio up to 0.75. Lightweight carbon fiber compact design saves space and is extremely durable. Install anywhere without any on-site machinery needed.

Cost-Effective Production

Umbratek's innovative engineering design dramatically reduces labor and production costs by increasing collaboration, repeatability, and precision.

Umbratek Studio

Creating fully functioning tasks is as easy as drag and drop using Umbratek Studio. Supports Android, Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Linux operating systems.

70% More Affordable

Being 90% produced in-house, our UTRA series is approximately 70% more affordable than leading worldwide competitors.

Safety-First Design

With sensors placed throughout the arm that guard against overload protection, voltage instability, temperature changes & comes with collision detection and emergency stop functionality.

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Integrated High-Performance Harmonic Reducer Actuator

Extremely high torque density with zero-backlash and high rotational accuracy. Up to 16-bit multi-turn absolute encoder and output side up to 6553600 pulse/Rev.

Patented Technology

Dual GMR+TMR hybrid position detection technology that is remarkably more cost-efficient. Up to 90% of parts are produced in-house. Continuously provides reliable multi-turn absolute position feedback.

ADRA Series Actuator


  • Payload: Up to 20kg
  • Repeatability: ±0.01mm*
  • Weight to Payload Ratio: Up to 0.75
  • Reach: Up to 1500mm
  • Quick-Release Module: 2s tool change speed**

Multiple SDK Support

Open source SDK that supports multiple programming languages.

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Material Handling

Pick and Place


Machine Tending

Food & Beverage



About Us

Umbratek UTRA is the World's Most Powerful Modular Robot.

We thrive to create robotic and programming software solutions that are flexible, customizable, and the most affordable on the market today!

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*Depending on the specific model, please check the technical parameter table.

**This module is an optional accessory, additional purchase is required.

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